Welcome to Hilltop Pet Supplies

After ten years of providing pet supplies to our close mountain neighbors, Hilltop Pet Supplies is expanding our product lines, adding services, hosting events and offering our mountain hospitality to people and pets at all elevations.

At Hilltop Pet Supplies we keep pet supplies, knowledge, and fun in good supply. Visit us online to see regular updates of new product and information, and if you are in the neighborhood come in and say hello.


Pet supply businesses are considered essential and we will continue to provide services through all levels of quarantine.

While we would like you to purchase from Hilltop Pet Supplies, if there is a product you need that we do not carry (such as prescription foods), please know that we will support efforts to stay quarantined by picking up specialty supplies at other locations for you and providing delivery service for those products as well at no additional charge.

We are here to help during this extraordinary time, and we look forward to celebrating together when this is over.